Hindu temple defaced in California amid growing rift between India and US over Khalistan issue – Times of India

Hindu temple defaced in California amid growing rift between India and US over Khalistan issue - Times of India

WASHINGTON: Sikh separatists in California on Friday allegedly vandalized a Hindu temple, days after a US religious watchdog criticized the Modi government for not adequately protecting minorities in India. The issue added to the growing tension between New Delhi and Washington.
Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed concern over the vandalism of the Swaminarayan Temple near San Jose with anti-India graffiti and said extremists and separatist forces outside India should not find such a place, even So-called Khalistan This issue has started to sour the relations between the two countries.
Photos posted online by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) show the walls of the temple defaced with slogans praising militant separatist icon the late Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and abusing the prime minister. Narendra Modi.
HAF called for an investigation into the incident, saying, “Mention of Khalistan terrorist king Bhindranwale, who targeted Hindus for murder, is to traumatize temple-goers in particular and create fear of violence. Hatred.” crime
The organization said the incident is a reminder that California is “quickly joining Canada as a hotbed of anti-Hindu hate crimes inspired by #Khalistan,” and that the matter is being addressed by the department. Pledged to raise with justice.
He urged the US to take a strong line against the so-called Khalistan movement and called it “Pakistan supported militancy.”

Attacks on Hindu temples and Indian diplomatic missions in the US and Canada, including threats to target Indian diplomats, have escalated amid sharp public rifts between New Delhi and the West following the alleged Indian involvement in the killing of Sikh militant Hardeep Singh Najjar. have been and an alleged plot to kill a separatist activist Group Tunat Singh Pinan.
Washington and Ottawa have suggested that activists have a right to protest under the country’s free speech laws, but New Delhi says the activism has gone beyond free speech to threats and violence. The target is the wider Indian community, officials and diplomats. Indian officials say separatist Sikh militants are also intimidating and silencing moderate Sikhs.

‘Extremists should not be accommodated’: EAM Jaishankar strongly condemns anti-India graffiti on American Hindu temple

In a lengthy social media thread, anti-Khalistan activist Navdeep Singh posted videos, photos and messages detailing a nexus between the Pinon-led separatist organization Sikhs for Justice and Pakistan-based militants. Is. Pakistani Army. He alleged that Khalistani propaganda videos, accessories and materials related to Khalistani Referendum are being made in Sialkot, Pakistan with the support of Pakistan Army.

PM Modi broke his silence on the conspiracy to kill Pinan on American soil, what did he say?

Watch After Canada, a Hindu temple was vandalized with anti-India, pro-Khalistan graffiti in the US.

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