High court converts TOI report on Durgam Cheruvu stink into PIL | Hyderabad News – Times of India

High court converts TOI report on Durgam Cheruvu stink into PIL | Hyderabad News - Times of India

HYDERABAD: Taking cognizance of a TOI report on the plight of Durgam Cheruv, which has become a threat to aquatic life due to its highly polluted waters, the Telangana High Court on Saturday converted the report into a PIL. and vowed to restore its ancient beauty. Lake. A bench of Chief Justice Alok Arade and Justice J. Anil Kumar cast doubt on the veracity of the claim, saying, “We will monitor the matter to ensure that the lake is brought back to a healthy stage.” ” GHMCRevenue and Irrigation Departments who came forward to submit status reports and promised to revive the lake.
The bench appointed senior advocate Vidula Srinivas as amicus curiae to assist the court in the matter.Mission Dargam ChirovoHe asked him to identify experts in the field who would not be influenced by the authorities. “This is the first hearing of this case after we raised the cause. We have not issued notices to you (government departments). We have not asked you to do anything. But you are ready to come with status reports. ,” the bench said.
Will monitor the problem and restore the lake: High Court
“You may be able to produce them in court and we are aware of the contents of such reports. You are eager to defend the same officers who have reduced this natural lake to its present state,” he said. “We have seen your zeal. But there is no point in issuing notices to the same officials who have violated norms,” ​​the bench said. It added, replying to lawyers representing government wings. “It is absurd to ask violators to file status reports,” the bench fumed.
The bench said: “We have undertaken a similar exercise for restoration of a lake in Karnataka. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, environmentalists, senior advocates and suitable experts with expertise in the field should identify and inform us. We will form an expert committee and identify the reasons for this. He also said, “We will monitor the matter and give directions to ensure proper restoration of the lake to a healthy state where it is aquatic and Human life will help both flourish.” The bench cautioned the amicus curiae not to rely on the officials’ impressions. “They cannot protect the lake. They are hand in hand with builders and encroachers,” the bench said. “We cannot rely on the reports of such officials.” The bench directed the High Court Registry to provide a copy of the STOI report to experts and officials. And the hearing of the case was adjourned till December 22.

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