HC: Verification mandatory before issuing lawyers’ licence | India News – Times of India

 HC: Verification mandatory before issuing lawyers’ licence | India News - Times of India

Prayagraj: The Allahabad High Court has directed the Bar Council of UP to implement a process which requires Police verification Report before granting a license to practice law, stressing that it will deter people. Criminal history By concealing information during becoming a lawyer Application process.
The court asked the state government and the Bar Council to issue necessary directions to ensure that police reports of all pending and new ones are obtained. License applicationsSimilar to the process for issuing a passport. “Oh Temporary license In its order on December 21, a division bench of Justice Vinod Diwakar and Justice SD Singh said that an adverse police report can be issued pending the submission of such a report.
The court was hearing a writ petition by Pawan Kumar Dubey, who complained of concealment of 14 criminal cases by a person while applying for a licence. Dubey claimed that the respondent was convicted in four of these cases, but still managed to obtain a license to practice law.
The High Court directed the Bar Council to complete the disciplinary action Within three months, the court expressed concern about granting a license to a person with a criminal history, saying such practices could be harmful to society. Legal community. “The Advocates Act prohibits the admission of such persons to practice.”
The court highlighted the need for the Bar Council to establish a mechanism to ensure police verification of all new license applications, especially those involving criminal charges or convictions. “If such material details are not disclosed by an applicant, his application may be rejected at the threshold,” it said.

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