Hashtag ‘MissingCM’ trends on social media targeting Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin | India News – Times of India

 Hashtag 'MissingCM' trends on social media targeting Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin | India News - Times of India

Chennai: Hashtag targeting ‘Missing CM’ Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin trended on social media platform X on Tuesday and was mocked for attending the opposition India Bloc meeting in the national capital instead of visiting flood-affected places in the state.
#MissingCM @mkstalin The trend started by BJP Tamil Nadu @BJP4Tamilnadu came after party supporters lashed out at the Chief Minister for choosing to attend an alliance meeting instead of meeting flood affected people in southern districts. Start posting messages.
Stalin had announced earlier in the day that he would visit Thoothukudi and Tirunel Valley on December 20 and today’s visit was to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and seek flood relief for the people of the state.
“Are the cries of the people of South Tamil Nadu not reaching your ears? #MissingCM @mkstalin,” the saffron party’s post said.
In another post captioned: “Dear #MissingCM @mkstalin avargale – stop this drama!”, the party said, adding, “Your just going to Delhi to meet our honorable PM Modi ji for flood relief. The claim is baseless. There is a pre-scheduled INDI alliance meeting in Delhi today.
This was not surprising because history repeats itself. “In 2009, the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu and your father, Thiru Karunanidhi, was meeting Sonia Gandhi in Delhi for seat-sharing talks, even as millions of Tamils ​​were being killed in Sri Lanka. “
“Apparently without learning any lessons from the disastrous results of your father’s 2009 visit to New Delhi, you are in New Delhi and again prioritizing political unity when floods in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu have killed millions of Tamils. Trapped. The dialogue now finds resonance – Stalin is more dangerous than Karunanidhi! he said.
Another “X” user, Pranav Pratap Singh, mocked the visit, saying, “Dear Chennai people stop saying you have #MissingCM. Stalin is clearly at the #INDIAAalliance meeting to manage flood relief.” Come to discuss methods. Relief NDA from flood of votes.”
Krishnakumar Murugan remarked, “Our army men are seen rescuing a child from the flood-affected southern district. The north-south dividing bridge is missing #MissingCM.”

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