Haryana ramps up testing amid rise in JN.1 cases, Gurgaon’s count 14 so far | Gurgaon News – Times of India

Haryana ramps up testing amid rise in JN.1 cases, Gurgaon's count 14 so far | Gurgaon News - Times of India

Gurgaon: Haryana has increased the number of daily tests from 100 in the first week of December to 500 now, amid a surge in cases of CoVID-19 subtype JN.1 in the country. So far this month, 14 cases have been reported in the state, all in Gurgaon. The Department of Health has not yet determined whether JN.1 was caused by them.
“We have sent samples for genome sequencing but no response yet. We have increased testing. There has been a slight increase in cases, but we are yet to confirm whether it is JN. .1 is due to subtype. There is no need to panic. Patients are recovering in isolation at home and do not require hospitalisation,” said Gurgaon chief medical officer Dr Virendra Yadav.
On Monday, Haryana conducted 510 tests and two new cases were detected. The state currently has eight Covid patients, all of whom are recuperating at their homes in Gurgaon. The CMO said, “The new patients have travel histories from foreign countries, and some have come in contact with positive cases. Masks are advised to be worn in public places, and people with symptoms are advised to self-isolate and seek medical attention.” There is a need to consult,” said the CMO.
“The JN.1 subtype has emerged as a derivative of the widely circulating Omicron variant. Sars-CoV-2, the virus The virus responsible for causing CoVID-19 has undergone a continuous series of mutations, giving rise to variants such as the delta variant in 2021, which was notably more lethal and causes milder symptoms. Time “Also, the emergence of new variants and the spread of the virus does not necessarily mean an increased risk. Although we need more research on this.”

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