GYLI to raise awareness about education and digital literacy in villages | Pune News – Times of India

GYLI to raise awareness about education and digital literacy in villages | Pune News - Times of India

PUNE: Recognizing the importance of education among people in small villages in India, Europe and Africa, young changemakers and presidents Global Youth Leadership Initiative (GYLI) Aditya Shukla has launched a global campaign. According to a statement issued by GYLI, through this campaign, GYLI aims to reshape the educational landscape and create opportunities for young people around the world.
In another attempt, efforts are being made to bring about change in Shukla. Grass root levelBy organizing a handloom workshop, in collaboration with Narayani and Saadia Foundation, in search of sustainable change.E-commerce platformGenerating income for the disadvantaged echoes their commitment to the development of communities. Shukla launched her Education Hands projects in 2020, and in January 2022, she was selected to serve on the National Youth Leadership Council.
Shukla said, “We are implementing education reforms, tackling important issues like climate change, providing access to education to underprivileged children, managing social media campaigns for important issues, and empowering women. Organizing a supply drive for shelters.” During the campaign announcement, Shukla also spoke about her own path, and volunteering for organizations such as Global Citizen and Rotary International before becoming the director of the Narayani organization.
The statement added that Education awareness campaign It will be held in 26 countries under the leadership of GYLI. This joint effort involves the active participation of 960 young leaders who are driven by a shared commitment to improve education worldwide. “With diverse backgrounds and experiences, these young leaders are working together to advance the cause of education reform. Through their collective efforts, they aim to bridge the educational gap and improve lives,” the statement added. Empowering people from all walks of life.”
The statement said: Shukla is a digital pioneer who breaks down barriers and brings technological benefits to the underprivileged. “There are segments that lack the benefits of digitization, and we are helping connect them,” Shukla said. Shukla is inspired by real-life heroes like Sindhutai Sapkal and Mamata Sapkal. His plan to visit Sindhutai’s orphanage in Pune reflects his journey back to his roots.

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