Gujarat cops to coordinate with passengers of flight returned from France to trace ‘agents’ | India News – Times of India

 Gujarat cops to coordinate with passengers of flight returned from France to trace 'agents' | India News - Times of India

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Police Teams comprising “agents” have been formed to track down a suspected illegal immigration network and will be in touch with the passengers of the plane that landed in Mumbai. France, said a senior official. He said that many passengers of the plane belong to Gujarat.
Airplane, an Airbus A340Carrying 276 passengers, mostly Indians, it was grounded for four days in France on suspicion of human trafficking. It landed in Mumbai in the wee hours of Tuesday.

“Give CID Crime seeks to prosecute agents who promised to help victims enter the US and other countries (illegally). We have formed four teams that will seek information from the victims about the promises made by these agents,” said Superintendent of Police, CID (Crime) Sanjay Kharat.

He said that most of the passengers of the chartered flight returning from France were from Banaskantha, Patan, Mehsana and Anand districts of Gujarat.
He said, “The police will liaise with the passengers when they reach Gujarat from Mumbai to find out the agents and agencies involved and whether the documents provided to them to migrate to the US and other countries were fake.” “

The official said they will also try to find out how many people have been taken abroad in this way, and who all want to travel this way.

He said the CID had so far received “raw information” about the agents involved in the incident and would be able to get more information only after questioning the passengers concerned.
Kharat said that various agents are involved in illegal immigration together.
“Agents operating at the village and district levels are small players controlled by a king who operates internationally,” he added.
He said that the Gujarat Police will investigate and get a clear picture of how they operate.
“Different agencies use different methods based on the requirements of the aspirants like whether they need fake documents etc., and prices are fixed accordingly,” said the SP. , the victims will be interrogated and the police will reach out to the kingpin.
The chartered flight, operated by Romanian charter company Legend Airlines and bound for Nicaragua, landed in Vitry near Paris on Thursday for a technical stopover en route from Dubai when French police intervened.
French authorities launched a judicial investigation into the circumstances and purpose of the trip, with a unit specializing in organized crime investigating suspected human trafficking.
In Mumbai, immigration officials questioned some of the 276 passengers, an official said, adding that no passengers were detained and allowed to leave the airport as of 11.30 am on Tuesday.Watch Airbus A340 with 303 Indians arrested in France over smuggling concerns, lands in Mumbai.

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