Govt struggles to find ore dumps under greenery | Goa News – Times of India

Govt struggles to find ore dumps under greenery | Goa News - Times of India

PANJI: The Goa government’s plan to start auctioning low-grade iron ore lying in waste across the state is likely to be delayed as the Directorate of Mines and Geology (DMG) have difficulties in locating the dumps due to dense vegetation in places. The state government had set a November deadline for the auction of low-grade iron ore.
DMG had started surveying to identify the exact location of low grade iron ore. Ore dump “We are facing difficulties in reaching the dump sites due to dense vegetation and we are trying to find other means to complete the identification of dump sites and ore grade,” said a senior official in the state ahead of the auction process. said
Four teams have been formed to conduct field visits and the teams have continued to visit sites, but not much progress has been made, a senior officer said.
The department has data on iron ore dumps based on submissions from former mining leaseholders.
After the survey, the department will prepare a report and accordingly put the garbage up for auction.
The DMG has also decided to quantify iron ore dumps lying inside and outside mineral blocks in Goa, an exercise in which five companies have shown interest. Before introducing the new dump handling policy, a drone LiDAR survey will be conducted to estimate the volume of mining dumps in Goa. LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing tool for surveying the Earth’s surface. “We have not yet finalized the company to conduct the survey,” said a senior department official. The Dump Handling Policy, 2023 has paved the way for handling 700 million tonnes of low grade iron ore lying inside and outside mining belts across the state and exporting 25 million tonnes annually.
The policy excludes iron ore dumps that have been successfully auctioned, preferring to handle dumps in unstable, water-bearing, or environmentally sensitive areas. The state will auction the dumps as per the e-auction policy formulated for such dumps. In respect of garbage dumps in forest areas, including sanctuaries, which are causing problems for wildlife, the State Government may, if required, obtain special approval from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests for their removal. will get In the interest of forest and wildlife conservation, filling of large pits left in closed mines will also be sanctioned.

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