Government proposes 19.5 lakh crore national highway development programme | India News – Times of India

 Government proposes 19.5 lakh crore national highway development programme | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: The Ministry of Road Transport has proposed a program of construction and widening of about 41,000 km. National HighwaysThis includes 15,000 km of high speed (access controlled) corridors by 2031-32. It will require around one investment 19.5 lakh crores.
As per the proposal, under the first phase of the proposed master plan for highway development, bidding for projects will be conducted by 2028-29 and construction will be completed by 2031-32.
Once completed, it will almost double the average travel speed on the NH network from the current 47 kmph to 85 kmph. Currently, the average travel speed on highways in the US is 100 km/h and in China 90 km/h. The government expects the increase in average speed to help India achieve its target of bringing logistics costs down to 9-10 percent of GDP. At present it is about 18% of GDP.
TOI has learned this. High speed corridors have already been identified to ensure that such routes are accessible within 100-150 km from any part of India and to decongest NHs around cities and urban areas. According to the ministry’s assessment, India will eventually need about 50,000 km of high-speed corridors for this.
As of now, only 3,900 km of high-speed corridors are operational in the country and by 2026-27, it will be around 11,000 km. “Keeping this huge gap in mind, 36,500 km of new high-speed corridors have been identified to decongest. Over the next 20 years, more focus will be on building four- and six-lane highways,” a source said. will be given”.

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