George Clooney reveals late actor Mathew Perry’s Friends success didn’t bring him the joy and peace he desired – Times of India

George Clooney reveals late actor Mathew Perry's Friends success didn't bring him the joy and peace he desired - Times of India

George Clooney is opening up about his decades-old friendship with Matthew Perry.As well as why they believe in the actor’s success. Friends She didn’t get the happiness she longed for.
Clooney, 62, opened up about his relationship with Perry while promoting his new film The Boys in the Boat. Clooney specifically mentioned how he witnessed Perry’s struggles with addiction while both were starring in their respective roles. NBC shows — ER and Friends — years ago.
“I knew Matt when he was 16,” Clooney revealed to Deadline. “I used to play paddle tennis with you. He’s about ten years my junior. And he was a fantastic, funny, funny, funny kid.”
When he was a child, the Ocean’s Eleven star recalled Perry often sharing his dreams of landing a role on a hit TV show.
“He would only say to us, Richard type And Grant Hesloffwas, ‘I just want to go on a sitcom, man.'” “I just want to go on a regular sitcom and I’ll be the happiest man on the planet,” he told the outlet.
Despite the fact that Perry eventually played Chandler Bing on Friends, Clooney said he was “not happy.” Despite fulfilling a childhood dream, he claimed Perry’s success “didn’t bring him happiness, joy or peace.”
Because Clooney’s ER and Friends were shot “side by side” on the same NBC soundstage, the two often crossed paths. Friends aired from 1994 to 2004 and ER from 1994 to 2009. Clooney even appeared as a guest star in an episode of the legendary sitcom in 1995.
“And given that a lot happens — we were there. Warner Broswe were right there next to each other — it was hard to watch because we didn’t know what was going on with him,” he continued, referring to Perry’s struggles with substance abuse, which He has been outspoken throughout his life.

“We just knew he wasn’t happy, and I didn’t know he was taking 12 Vicodins a day and all the heartbreaking things he talked about.” “It also tells you that success, money, and all these things don’t automatically make you happy,” he added. “You have to be happy with yourself and your life.”
Perry was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on October 28. He was 54 years old.
According to an autopsy report obtained by PEOPLE from the Los Angeles County Coroner last week, the Friends actor died of acute ketamine effects. Drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine were also documented as contributing factors to his death.

Perry was “reportedly clean for 19 months” before his death, according to the autopsy, although he had been using ketamine infusion therapy and his most recent treatment was “a week and a half before the drowning.” On the other hand, the coroner said, “the ketamine in his system at the time of death could not have been from this infusion therapy, because ketamine has a half-life of 3 to 4 hours or less.”
Although Perry struggled with substance abuse while on Friends, she spoke highly of the role and how she got through it — and fellow cast members. Jennifer Aniston – Very happy. Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlancand David Schwimmer have all achieved viral success.
“It completely changed my life.” I got the show when I was 24 and it ended when I was 34. It shaped my life. And it was the most fun I’ve ever had,” Perry previously told PEOPLE.
“They were understanding, and they were patient,” Perry said of the cast’s support during his ongoing addiction.

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