Gauri Tonnk on her role Jasleen’s breakdown in ‘Teri Meri Doriyaann’, says ‘Audience will see a new softer side of her’ – Exclusive – Times of India

Gauri Tonnk on her role Jasleen's breakdown in ‘Teri Meri Doriyaann’, says ‘Audience will see a new softer side of her’ – Exclusive - Times of India

Actress Gauri Tonk is currently seen in a TV show.My distance from you‘, suggests that viewers will get to see a new side of her character. Jaslin.
She told ETimes TV, “I am happy and grateful for the immense love and appreciation from my audience. I am enjoying my journey as Jasleen on the show. She is straightforward, fashionable and confident. Out of obsession and blind love for her children, she does anything and everything. She loves her son Gary (Tushar Dhambla) more than anything in the world. She has spent her whole life raising him and supporting him. Dedicated to having a luxurious lifestyle. But now his son rejects him under the influence of his father Yashraj Bavija (Hrishikesh Pandey). So the audience will now see him breaking down and coping with the situation. People will get to see a new side of Jasleen, who sings her heart out.

The actress added that she loves everything about her character Jasleen and enjoys writing her. She continued, “I’m happy to play such an interesting character and I’m totally loving it. There’s nothing boring about Jasleen, she’s very interesting, her attitude, the way she’s herself. , the way she loves her children, and she doesn’t give a shit to anyone. She’s not one to involve herself in gossip, she says whatever she wants to say face to face, she Fearless, she’s not evil but she just wants to give her son his due.”

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Gauri is famous for acting in TV shows like Koora Kaggar, Karam Apna Apna, Kaa Ki Ki Rooz. She is married to a popular actor. Yash Tonic And he is blessed with two daughters Pari and Moira.

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