From House of Cards to White House? Kevin Spacey flirts with 2024 presidential bid – Times of India

From House of Cards to White House? Kevin Spacey flirts with 2024 presidential bid - Times of India

New Delhi: After a break in 2021 and 2022, Kevin Spacey has returned with a new Christmas video, continuing the tradition he started in 2018. This year, Space, its ‘House of cards‘ character Frank Underwood was interviewed by Tucker Carlson in a unique twist to his usual festive messages.
During the appearance, Spacey, recently cleared of legal charges, hinted at a possible real-life presidential run, in Underwood’s characteristic Southern accent.
In his performance, Spacey, as Underwood, declared that running for president was “a sacrifice I’m willing to make for this great nation,” stressing the need to “get some adults back in the room.” . He criticized the current state of leadership and urged the country to stop apologizing and take a tough stand. “Let’s stop blaming bots and college kids for “spreading ridiculous ideas” and start “telling leaders what leadership really is,” he remarked.
Spacey, avoiding any direct political stance, cited his “long and very strong relationship with the public” as a key qualification for the presidency, calling it “a bond that never breaks.” described as “We need someone,” he said boldly. The White House Who is unafraid like me, unafraid to push our country — or a journalist — in the right direction, if it comes to that.”
When asked about his possible role in politics, Spacey did not confirm his entry into the 2024 race but openly suggested that Carlson could serve as his vice president.
He called Netflix’s decision to cut ties with him based solely on the allegations “strange,” adding that the allegations were later “proven to be false.”
Spacey’s career faced a number of significant challenges He was acquitted of all nine charges in the UK in July, and a 2017 case in the US was dismissed. Netflix responded to the allegations by killing off Underwood in “House of Cards” and shelving the Gore Widdle biopic starring Spacey, actions criticized by the actor and others as a “rush to judgment.” was given

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