From dream I-T job in Dubai to ‘Mission Music’ | Lucknow News – Times of India

From dream I-T job in Dubai to 'Mission Music' | Lucknow News - Times of India

LUCKNOW: A break in an IT company Dubai One is Favorite job For any technical. For a handful, however, the calling lies elsewhere. Therefore, while working in the Venice of the Gulf, Sarojit Singh (35), always knew music, not machines, was his destiny.
Eight years later, he is a triple gold medalist in Masters of Performing Arts Sattar from Lucknow. Bhatkhande Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya (BSV), one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. If that sounds unbelievable, just wait. This is his second MPA degree after a previous degree in vocal music and he has cleared the UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) thrice.
Surjeet and Bhai started singing during the Diwan
Singh received his medals at the university’s convocation earlier this week and after years of struggling to fulfill his dream, he is now preparing to teach music at a university. He is the overall topper in the instrumental music department with a score of 80%. For this he has received VS Nigam Gold Medal and Late Dr. Meeta Shukla Gold Medal. For achieving the maximum marks in the instrumental music category, it has awarded Shivendranath Basu a gold medal.
Surjeet developed a keen interest in music from childhood when he accompanied his father Satpal Singh to Lucknow’s Deer Nagar Gurdwara where he was a ‘granthi’. Both Surjeet and his brother started singing during ‘The Van’. When he grew up, Surjeet started playing the tabla and started singing Gurbani in Gurudwaras. However, it remained a hobby for a long time. After studying from a private school in the city, he did his graduation and post-graduation in computer application and in 2015 got his break in a company in Dubai.
However, after arriving in Dubai, and working for a year at a computer firm, he realized he wasn’t cut out for it all. In 2016, he gave it all up and returned to Lucknow to pursue his passion. Friends and relatives questioned this ‘stupid’ move, but he persevered. The family supported her and she started a job as a music teacher in a private school to help run the household.
However, in 2017, he also stopped teaching and enrolled in a masters course in vocal music at Bhatkhande University. “I studied at university during the day and evening, took private music tuition and performed on stage to support my family financially. During this period, many friends and relatives criticized my decision to leave my job in Dubai. “Questioned, some even discouraged, but I continued with my passion,” said Singh.
Surjit devotes about 10 hours a day to music—5 hours for teaching and 5 hours for recitation. Even after completing his masters in vocal music, he was not satisfied and his love for sitar melodies led him to pursue his second masters in the instrument. After clearing NET three times, he now wants to teach in the same university.
When he received the medal, his father Satpal Singh, who suffered a stroke earlier this month, was in tears watching the ceremony live on YouTube. “My son worked hard for this day. I am proud to see him achieve his goal. Everything fell in line because of Waguruji’s blessings,” she said, her voice brimming with emotion. It was decreasing.

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