From Christmas to Diwali, Navratri and more; Actress Juhi Parmar brings festive cheer to a whole new level – Times of India

From Christmas to Diwali, Navratri and more; Actress Juhi Parmar brings festive cheer to a whole new level - Times of India

Juhi Parmarwho is best known for his role in the show. Kumkum is a sweet bondShe never fails to entertain her fans with her trendy and funny reels on social media. She celebrates every festival with a lot of love and enthusiasm and reflects it on social media. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a peek into her social media world and see how she infuses excitement and creativity into every celebration.
1. The Christmas Reel
As the festive season begins, Juhi Parmar recently treated her fans to a heartwarming video featuring her and her daughter, Sameera. The duo showed their creative side by creating a unique Christmas tree using household ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Juhi’s Christmas reel is a testament to her brilliant ideas and joy of creating festive magic at home.
2. Diwali
During Diwali, Juhi took to social media to highlight an important issue – the environmental impact of firecrackers. In a video, he stressed the importance of teaching children to avoid using fireworks, especially with regards to Mumbai’s air quality. The reel not only showcases Juhi’s determination to bring about positive change, but also highlights the mother-daughter duo’s dedication to raising awareness through their online presence.

3. Navratri with a disco twist
Juhi Added glamor to Navratri celebrations with a disco twist. In a fun video, he and his daughter Sameera Dandiya was seen incorporating the disco beats into his dance routine. This vibrant take on Navratri traditions reflects Juhi’s playful spirit and his ability to incorporate modern elements into traditional festivities.
4. Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi became a family affair for Juhi as she celebrated the festival with her daughter and parents. The social media feed was graced with a series of Ganesha videos, showing Juhi and Sameera making a Ganesha idol out of dough. Another heartwarming video captured the handmade idol being dipped in a bucket at home, symbolizing the family’s shared joy and devotion during the auspicious occasion.

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