French parliament okays divisive immigration bill – Times of India

French parliament okays divisive immigration bill - Times of India

Paris: The French Parliament Distribution approved Immigration Bill It aims to strengthen France’s capacity. Deportation of aliens A heated debate is considered unwelcome after the far-right backs the move. The bill was passed. Lower House of Parliament National Assemblywith a 349-186 vote late Tuesday. Earlier, voting was done in the Senate.
Home Secretary Gerald Derminen said the government wanted to be “tougher on foreign criminals”. “Who can say we are criminals, people on our own land, who attack us, who attack our professors and who attack our police force and who attack youths on cafe rooftops? , can say without any reaction?” He expressed these views while addressing the National Assembly.
The bill still needs to be formally enacted into law. The vote came after President Macron’s centrist majority and members of parliament from conservative Republicans found a compromise to allow the text to go through a complicated legislative process. Macron’s government does not have a majority in parliament. Conservatives said the text of the compromise included provisions to reduce the number of migrants coming to France, notably by limiting foreigners’ access to social benefits. Many saw the talks as a sign of a shift to the right by Macron’s government. Health Minister Aurelian Russo resigned to show her opposition.
Left-wing politicians accused the centrists of pushing the law with the support of the far-right. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally group, called the bill an “ideological victory”.

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