France grounds plane carrying over 300 Indians for ‘human trafficking’ | India News – Times of India

 France grounds plane carrying over 300 Indians for 'human trafficking' | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: France On Friday, a suspected Nicaragua-bound flight carrying over 300 Indian passengers was grounded.Human trafficking
The Paris public prosecutor’s office told AFP that the plane carrying passengers “possibly a victim of human trafficking” was detained on Thursday following an anonymous tip.
The plane had taken off from the United Arab Emirates.
Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in France said authorities have sought consular access and are investigating the situation.
“French authorities have informed us about a flight from Dubai to Nicaragua carrying 303 people, mostly Indians, technically stopped at a French airport. The passengers,” the Indian embassy said on X , which was formerly Twitter.
Prosecutors have confirmed that the investigation has been taken over by the national anti-organized crime unit, JUNALCO.
The prefecture in the northeastern department of Marne said the A340, operated by Romanian company Legend Airlines, “remained grounded on the tarmac at Vitry Airport after its landing”.
It said the plane was due for refueling and had 303 Indian nationals on board.
The prefect’s office said the reception area at Vitry Airport has been converted into a waiting area equipped with separate beds to ensure optimal conditions for passenger accommodation.
The Paris public prosecution office reported that a special unit focusing on organized crime is investigating possible suspicions of human trafficking. Two persons have been detained for questioning in this case.
(with agency information)Watch BREAKING: France grounds plane with over 300 Indians on ‘human trafficking’ charges

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