Follow IT rules: Govt to social media platforms on deepfakes – Times of India

Follow IT rules: Govt to social media platforms on deepfakes - Times of India

New Delhi: Amid growing concerns about deepfakes and the potential harm they can cause Wrong information And Synthetic materialThe government said on Tuesday This Advisory has been issued for all. social media And Internet Platform to protect against their presence as per country’s IT laws.
The advisory mandates that intermediaries like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X and Google effectively communicate with their users the need to refrain from posting or spreading deepfakes as they are punishable under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. are responsible for “A formal advisory issued to ensure that users on these platforms do not infringe the prohibited content in Rule 3(1)(b) of the IT Rules, incorporating the ‘consensus’ mechanism.” has been done,” said Minister of State for IT and Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar. “If such legal violations of IT laws are noted or reported, consequences will be meted out as per law.”
The directive specifically targets growing concerns about AI-powered disinformation-Deepfakes. This comes after discussions between the Chandrashekhar-led government with various tech intermediaries. Content that is not permitted under the IT Rules, particularly those listed under Rule 3(1)(b), shall be communicated to users in clear and precise language, including through its Terms of Service and User Agreements. Must be clearly informed. The user should be clearly informed at the time of first registration and as a regular reminder, in particular, on each occasion of login and while uploading/sharing information on the platform. The advisory emphasizes that digital intermediaries must ensure that consumers are informed about the penal provisions, including those under the IPC and IT Act 2000. Enforcement agencies under relevant Indian laws applicable in the context.
“…IT laws mandate intermediaries to communicate their rules, regulations, privacy policy, and user agreement in the user’s preferred language.”
Also, the Platforms shall make reasonable efforts to prevent users from hosting, displaying, uploading, editing, publishing, transmitting, storing, updating or sharing any information related to the 11 listed user harms or prohibited content on digital intermediaries. are bound.
Deepfakes refer to artificial or doctored media that is digitally manipulated and altered to convincingly misrepresent or impersonate someone using a form of artificial intelligence.
Recently, several ‘deepfake’ videos targeting famous actors have gone viral, sparking public outrage and concern over misuse of technology and tools.

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