Firestarters: Short Circuit, Poor Upkeep Leave Buses Vulnerable | Delhi News – Times of India

Firestarters: Short Circuit, Poor Upkeep Leave Buses Vulnerable | Delhi News - Times of India

New Delhi: Four CNGs are running. Buses There were seven fires this year, seven last year, taking the total number of DTC and cluster buses burnt to 30 in the last eight years. Delhi Govt In response to a question in the state assembly by BJP’s Anil Bajpayee, short circuit was cited as the most common cause. Fire. Most of the buses that caught fire in recent years were 12 years old.
Various fire investigation committees have recorded the cause of the fire. Short circuitIn the main battery, direct connection of wires without fuse, technical faults are not observed and engine overheating. In some cases, the committees formed by the transport department also blamed the poor for the fires.take care of Not replacing the spark plugs by the service provider and at the prescribed time.
On April 21 last year, a 10-year-old, low-floor AC bus caught fire on the Paharganj flyover. The inquiry panel found that the driver lodged the complaint after eight malfunctions in the AC in March and April of the same year. His report said, “It is believed that the fire started due to a short circuit near the AC filter. The intensity of the fire was high due to the high current of the AC and the wiring harness.”
The committee recommended that the wiring harness of all buses which have covered 7-8 lakh kilometers should be thoroughly checked and replaced where necessary to avoid such fires. It added that “central control wiring should be covered with fire-resistant sleeves, properly fixed and clamped at each point to avoid dangling and contact with metal parts of the chassis and hoses.”
The cause of the fire has also been attributed to the negligence of the service providers. Anil Chhekara, former deputy commissioner of the transport department, said that many buses were already more than 10 years old. “The new buses that have come are of better quality and don’t overheat. We need to gradually phase out the old buses,” Chhekara said.
He revealed that service providers were often summoned and instructed to take precautionary measures. “The wiring harness of the old model was no longer available and so the wiring was repaired several times. In the old models the heat conduction of the engine chamber was not good and the resistance increased with heat. The circuit heating damaged the connectors, which got short-circuited,” Chikara said. “Traffic jams, overloading and constant use of air conditioning affected buses.”
A transport department official claimed that old buses are being phased out at a fast pace. “The aim is to electrify the entire DTC and cluster scheme fleet by 2025. By the end of this year, 80% of the 10,480 public transport buses in the capital will be electric,” he said. “Once the number of e-buses crosses 8,000, Delhi will be among the select cities in the world where such buses are plying”.
Work orders for 6000 e-buses have already been issued. The government hopes to add 50-100 e-buses to the system every month, the official added. Delhi currently has 4,391 DTC buses and 2,841 cluster buses, totaling 7,232 vehicles.

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