Finland bolsters military ties with US after Putin warning – Times of India

Finland bolsters military ties with US after Putin warning - Times of India

Washington: Finland signed an agreement on Monday to increase military cooperation with United StatesA day after Russian President Vladimir Putin I warned the neighboring country upon entry. NATO.
The defense cooperation agreement formalizes broader ties with the United States, including joint force training and military cooperation, following Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in April.
Agreement signing with Secretary of State Anthony in Washington BlinkenDefense Minister Antti Hakanen called it a strong sign of US commitment to the defense of Finland and all of Northern Europe.
“We do not expect the United States to take care of Finland’s defense. We will continue to invest in our defense and share the burden in our region and beyond,” he said.
“However, this agreement significantly enhances our ability to work together in all situations.”
Finland, which fended off a Soviet invasion in the 1939-40 Winter War, for decades refused to formally join NATO for fear of antagonizing its larger neighbor but changed course after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. , who had unsuccessfully tried to enter the coalition.
In an interview with state television that aired Sunday, Putin accused the West of “dragging” Finland into NATO, and said Russia settled its 20th-century conflict with Helsinki long ago. was
Putin announced the creation of a new district within the Russian military near Finland, with which Russia shares a 1,340 km (830 mi) border.
Speaking on the sidelines of the signing, Blanken said that Finland knows better than anyone what is at stake in Ukraine.
“In 1939, Finland also faced a Russian invasion, proving that an independent nation can put up an incredibly powerful and resilient resistance,” Blanken said.
“Your history is also a reminder of why it is so important that we all stand with Ukraine,” he added.
“Sovereigns who try to redraw a country’s borders by force will certainly not stop there.”
Blanken and Finnish Foreign Minister Elena Valtanen both renewed support for Sweden’s NATO entry, which launched its bid with Finland but has been blocked by Turkey.

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