‘Filmmaking is not just a passion but a commitment to say truthful stories’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

'Filmmaking is not just a passion but a commitment to say truthful stories' | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

well-known Independent filmmaker And I am an important person Philippine New Wave Cinema, Brilliant Mendoza Recently shared his unique perspective on craft at IFFI.
The masterclass began with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mendoza’s acclaimed feature film ‘Ma’Rosa’. Unlike traditional script-driven approaches, Mendoza revealed that he allows the story to guide the film, employing an immersive process of character development.
Known for his innovative style. Filmmaking, Mendoza said he chooses real locations to maintain absolute authenticity. Describing his cinematographic style as ‘extremely realistic’, Mendoza uses a handheld camera without a tripod, allowing the viewer’s perspective to be intimately connected to the unfolding narrative.
Reflecting on his late entry into filmmaking at the age of forty-five, Mendoza said he drew inspiration from his extensive background in advertising.
Expressing his faith in the transformative power of cinema, Mendoza said, “I believe in cinema, I believe that cinema can improve life. If a person connects with a film, it is his life. becomes part of; that’s its power. Storytelling.”
Mendoza advises aspiring directors, urging them to find themselves as filmmakers and stay true to their craft, “Filmmaking is not just a film. passion But one Commitment Telling true stories

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