Exclusive! Tanuj Virwani on marrying Tanya Jacob: Tanya and I look forward to the New Year as we begin a new phase in our lives | Hindi Movie News – Times of India


Actor Tanuj Virwani Tied the knot With a corporate professional Tanya Jacob Tomorrow in a private ceremony among close friends and family. gave Wedding It happened in Tanuj’s Lunawala farmhouse. “I love Christmas and the warmth is in the air and coincidentally our wedding date was also fixed on December 25. I am happy that we got married on Christmas,” said the Code M actor.


Talking about the best thing about marriage, Tanuj said, “I am glad that in this fast and stressful time I got married to a partner who is a friend and a soulmate. It is very important that one’s Turn around and feel good. You need to talk and share your life. My wedding was fun and we had a great time dancing and having a lot of fun.” Tanuj tells how her parents are very happy. “My mother wanted me to get married soon, but I took some time. I think it’s better to wait for the right partner and get married instead of getting married just for the sake of it,” he said.
The couple plans to go to Europe for their honeymoon. He said, ‘I don’t believe in planning a honeymoon after a few weeks or months. So after celebrating New Years with family we will go first to Paris and then to Prague, Vienna and a few other places in Europe. Tanya has never been to these places so I will be her tour guide. New Year As we begin this new phase in our lives.”

Tanuj Veerwani plans to remake 2 for Ek Dojay.

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