Exclusive! Siddharth Nigam on his journey with TV shows and films: I am looking for characters and projects where I get to showcase my talent – Times of India

Exclusive! Siddharth Nigam on his journey with TV shows and films: I am looking for characters and projects where I get to showcase my talent - Times of India

Siddharth Nigam has been a part of Entertainment industry Since then childhood. The actor recently completed a decade in showbiz and entertained his fans. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Siddharth talks about his journey Television And Moviesher toughest role and more.

I want to do good work regardless of platform.

I have always considered myself as an actor and performer. I just want to get.good work And do a good job. My vision has always been to entertain people and make them learn and be happy with my work. So yes, I believe good work attracts more work and I love it when people see my work and appreciate it. I want to do well regardless of the platform, I have done TV, films and now short films.

Many people have expectations from me.

There is no U-turn or Y-turn, I always prioritize projects. If I like a project, I’ll do it regardless of the platform. After my show AladdinI wanted if the show came back, it should be on a different level. After giving a hit show, many people have high hopes for me. So I wish to live up to their expectations and please them with every project announcement.

I would love to excel in action and romcom content.

We are not at the stage where we can pick and choose. We are trying our best to establish a strong foothold in various genres. Talking about my vision and what I want to do in my career. People know me as an action actor, because I am a gymnast. Sure, there are certain genres I want to specialize in. I want to give good performance in romcom or action. I want to do something in a good action film or romcom, be it a movie or an OTT series, I would love to be a part of it.

I want roles that make a difference in people’s lives

I want characters that can make a difference in people’s lives and convey a strong message. When I did Ashok and Alaa, people related to the character. There was comedy, action and emotion, I love doing projects where the character has a lot to offer.

I want roles and projects where I can showcase my talents and abilities

I would say, as per the demand of the character, I was fully explored there. What my brother says is that I am still undiscovered. I have many talents and abilities, I am looking for roles and projects where I can showcase them. So for that I have to find roles and films where the director can explore my skills. I Someone’s brother is someone’s soul, the character had a specific demand so couldn’t explore further. It was not my film. But definitely, if there is an opportunity in a web series or a movie where I can showcase my talent, I will definitely take it up and explore my talent.

Aladdin was the most difficult character.

The most challenging role for me was Aladdin. In the show, there were many things to do. After Ashoka, people always assumed that I was an aggressive guy and my expressions would be all aggressive and I wouldn’t be able to do comedy. They were sure that I would not be able to bring out the innocence of the character. As everyone knows Aladdin is a universal character and every child can relate to his animated version. Creating an Indian version of a universal character was quite difficult as every child has an impression of their animated version.

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For 2-3 weeks I only watched Aladdin animated series.

When I was first offered the role, it was quite difficult for me to take it up. Initially people were skeptical about casting me in the role but my director was very supportive. He believed in me, and he believed that I would do it, and he saw sincerity in me. I remember watching only Aladdin animated series for 2-3 weeks. I’m a gymnast and I’m flexible so I could do what the animated character was doing. I focused on all the details, how the character would walk, talk, stand and everything. When the show released I was very nervous whether people would accept me or not but happily the show opened at No.1. TRP Classification

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