Exclusive! Shefali Jariwala on debuting with Shaitani Rasmein: Kapalika is fearless, the character created magic for me – Times of India

Exclusive! Shefali Jariwala on debuting with Shaitani Rasmein: Kapalika is fearless, the character created magic for me - Times of India

Satanic Rossman All ready to start Shefali JariwalaOf First show. The actress got candid about her role, choosing projects and more. Speaking exclusively to ETimes TV, Shafali How to share the role Made a spell for him and he had to do it.

Thriller created magic.

Everything ticked the box, be that as it may. Story, the concept of the show and my character. The channel is amazing, even the production house has been one of the best, and they have given some hit shows. gave thrilling Magic created and I wanted to be a part of a show that had a strong character in my debut on TV.

The VFX, storyline and thrills will surely keep the audience enthralled.

Fantasy is not a difficult genre, I’m sure every genre has a loyal audience on television. Some will only like to watch drama soaps, some are quite loyal to fantasy and other genres. With the evil Rossman, of sorts VFX, art, editing and thriller will surely keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The BGM that was specially created for the show has an eerie atmosphere that will keep the audience enthralled. I can say that the show is set to set a new benchmark with its content. It is not similar to the current shows and is quite fast..

Kapalika created that magic for me.

For me, the story is important, and I wouldn’t want to be just a character who comes in for a few scenes and gets paid. My character needs to play an important role in the show and its story. Kapalika has created that magic for me. After shooting the show, I started learning new things. I need to love my job and be excited to go every day and Satanic Rossman has me hooked. I am interested and excited to do different scenes every day and I am learning and improving my skills. I grew up as an actor with the show.

Shefali is busy preparing with her role.

A lot of preparation was done with the show and my character. I signed the show in September and we did workshops to understand my character and what it offered to the story of the show. There is a lot to learn with it, be it stunts, new skills and styles. I had to look fearless on screen so I started adopting Kapalika’s fearless quality in my life. I have lived with the character for a long time and as you say unless you feel the character and get into his skin, it won’t translate well on screen.

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There is no panic.

There is no panic, we are doing our best and I am quite positive and hope the audience will like it. I am a very positive person, I am doing my work and giving my 100% in it. I can only hope that viewers will see and appreciate our blood and sweat, our hard work behind the show.

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