Exclusive – Bigg Boss OTT season 2 fame Bebika Dhurve says her song ‘Boti Boti’ resonates with her persona- fiery, sassy, on-point – Times of India

Exclusive - Bigg Boss OTT season 2 fame Bebika Dhurve says her song 'Boti Boti' resonates with her persona- fiery, sassy, on-point - Times of India

As the countdown begins for the December 26 release of her much-anticipated song, “Boti Boti”, the actress and Bigg Boss OTT 2 sensation, Bebeka Dharwe, is gearing up to enthrall audiences once again with her unique blend of sass and spontaneity. The song, which will be performed to eager audiences on its release date, holds a special place in Bebeka’s heart as it is inspired by her famous line, β€œBoat by boat.“Jo resonated with fans during her stint in Bigg Boss.
Bebeka exclusively shared, “I was persuaded, pushed and requested by my audience and fans to make this song. My ‘Botti Botti’ dialogue became very popular. Bigg Boss Show. It was a blockbuster season that we had, and I believe this song resonates with my personality. Tough, sassy, ​​on point, and spontaneous that I am, and I was at BB’s house. It should be in the history of my existence that boti boti belongs only to Bebeka.”
Her fans, eagerly awaiting the release of “Boti Boti”, are excited about this musical venture that brings a unique flavor to Bebeka’s already vibrant persona. The song, crafted as a tribute to her ardent fans, especially those who championed her popular dialogue, promises Bebeka’s transition from reality TV to the music scene. The journey will be celebrated.
Her fans, who have been with her every step of the way, played a major role in inspiring the creation of “Botti Botti”, making it a collaborative effort between the actress and her devoted audience.
Apart from her musical endeavours, fans are also buzzing with anticipation about Bebeka’s upcoming film, where she will star opposite Pooja Bhatt. The two stars are tied during their time. Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, is all set to create cinematic magic together, and fans can’t wait to witness their on-screen chemistry.
As Bebeka Dharve continues to break barriers and explore new facets of her talent, “Boti Boti” stands as a testament to her creativity and connection with her audience, setting the stage. is one that promises a musical journey unlike any other.

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