Ex-WWE head writer highlights issues with Rhea Ripley’s acting on RAW | WWE News – Times of India

Ex-WWE head writer highlights issues with Rhea Ripley's acting on RAW | WWE News - Times of India

New Delhi: Former WWE head writer Vince Russo did not mince his words as he picked apart what he perceives as flaws. Everyday Clashes, especially alone Ria RipleyWorking on the latest edition of Ra.
The central point of Rousseau’s criticism was the class involved. Finn BalorMami, et al Damian Priestcame up during the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match between Faith brothers And Bloor and Priest. According to Rousseau, there are clear issues that need to be resolved within the faction.
“Let’s be honest. You’ve got Finn Baller who’s too young and then he talks like the leprechaun from Lucky Charms. It doesn’t work in a group. Then you have Rhea Ripley, every single week she The acting is not good and every single week she is afraid of her brother. A 5’2 woman lifts her on her shoulder and like Rhea Ripley. [flails arms]. Does anyone see how ridiculous this is? Am I the only one who finds this absolutely ridiculous? All I said was, Damian Priest has got to be a star and you’ve got him in the wrong place,” Russo expressed on Sportskida Wrestling. Ra’s army The podcast

Russo’s criticism extends to the dynamics within Justice Day, asserting that Damian Priest deserves a more prominent place. He believes the current lineup does not do justice to Priest’s potential as a star within WWE.
In addition to Rousseau’s comment, it appears that there may be significant changes for Judgment Day, viz JD McDonagh R-Truth got hurt. However, the group apparently shrugged off the defeat in a backstage segment, treating it as a lighthearted moment rather than a major blow.

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