Egypt’s Sisi sweeps presidential polls, set to take charge for third term – Times of India

Egypt's Sisi sweeps presidential polls, set to take charge for third term - Times of India

New Delhi: Abdul Fattah al-Sisi The National Election Authority said on Monday that he has become the president for the third time after winning the presidential elections.
Sisi won 89.6 percent of the vote in the election, which was overshadowed by the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and the growing economic crisis. The Egyptian president has defeated three candidates.
The presidential election was held between EgyptEfforts to play an important role in the ceasefire and hostage negotiations between Israel and Hamas. Cairowhich shares a border with Gaza, has seen the effects of the war.
Some voters told the Reuters news agency that “the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza has encouraged them to vote for Sisi, who has long presented himself as a stabilizing force in a volatile region.”
This argument has also proved effective in terms of providing financial support to his government from the Gulf and Western allies.
Voting in Egypt took place over three days on December 10-12, with the state and tightly controlled domestic media pushing hard to boost turnout to more than 41 percent in the last presidential election of 2018.
Sisi, a former general, has been accused of implementing a wide-ranging crackdown on political dissent since the 2013 ouster of Egypt’s democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood founder Mohamed Morsi. .
He won the presidency in 2014 and was re-elected in 2018, claiming landslide victories with 97% of the vote on both occasions.
In 2019, constitutional amendments were enacted, extending the presidential term from four years to six years and allowing Sisi to serve a third term. This consolidation of power has been a point of controversy and scrutiny.
Meanwhile, officials have sought to deflect criticism of Egypt’s human rights record, including the launch of a national dialogue and the release of some prominent prisoners.
However, the proposed measures have been dismissed as “cosmetic” by critics.

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