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New Delhi: As Karnataka became the first state in the country to achieve the Election Commission’s target of installing permanent wheelchair ramps at all polling stations, the polling body has taken another step in that direction. Inclusive and accessible elections Issuing guidelines for political parties and their representatives to refrain from using ahle language – derogatory terms associated with persons with disabilities (PwDs) – in Campaign speechesarticles and voter outreach materials.

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“Use of such words in speeches/campaigns by members of any political parties or their candidates may be construed as insulting to PwDs. Common examples of qualified language are dumb (Ganga), retarded (mad, serfira), There are words like blind. Justice and respect in political discourse/campaigning,” the EC said, adding, “Any use of such language, terms, context, derision, derogatory references or insults to PwDs is against Section 92 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. can attract provisions,” the EC said. The guidelines also ask political parties to develop a training module to sensitize their cadres and workers, on the use of competent language. Appoint a nodal authority to hear the grievances of PwDs.
Parties have been asked to take more PwDs as members and party workers.

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