Diljit Dosanjh shares a day from the sets of ‘Jatt & Juliet 3’ | Punjabi Movie News – Times of India

Diljit Dosanjh shares a day from the sets of 'Jatt & Juliet 3' | Punjabi Movie News - Times of India

Diljit Dosanjh Had an immersive behind-the-scenes experience with his fans from the sets of ‘Jit and Juliet 3’ on Monday. The actor, who regularly shares highlights of his projects on social media, went further than that, providing a comprehensive account of a day on the set of the film.
The video opens with Diljeet on stage, demonstrating the camera crew and director’s preparations. Jagdeep SidhuDressed in police uniform, he was carefully monitoring the proceedings from his seat.Dosanjh Starts his bike for one scene, leaving an undeniable buzz. The actor pauses for a stylish photo op with his co-stars, giving fans a glimpse of the camaraderie on set.

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Taking viewers through his day, Diljit shares moments of enjoying lunch in his vanity and indulging in a tea session with special winter sweets. As the shoot ends, Dosanjh wraps up his day, poses for the paparazzi, engages with a cheerful delivery person, and bids farewell to the sets.
What stands out in the video is not just the visuals but Diljit’s lively commentary, which adds his signature charm to the behind-the-scenes narrative.
Diljit Dosanjh shared the video on social media with the caption – “Aya Dosanjh wala light camera action ne 📸”

Directed and written by Jagdeep Sidhu, Jatt and Juliet 3 stars Diljit Dosanjh and Nirav Bajwa in lead roles, marking their seventh collaboration. The film is scheduled to release on June 28, 2024, which promises another blockbuster from the dynamic duo.

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