‘Didn’t get parole to perform mother’s last rites during Emergency’: Rajnath slams opposition for calling BJP dictatorial | India News – Times of India

 'Didn't get parole to perform mother's last rites during Emergency': Rajnath slams opposition for calling BJP dictatorial | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Ministry of Defence Rajnath Singh On Thursday, he slammed the Congress for accusing the BJP-led government of an ‘undeclared Emergency’ and recalled his time in jail during 1975. Emergency It was imposed by Indira Gandhi’s government saying that he served eighteen months in prison without sanction. Parole Even to visit his sick mother or attend her last rites.
In an interview to ANI, the Union Home Minister and former BJP chief said, “Those who imposed dictatorship through Emergency accuse us of being dictatorial.”
Singh mentions his role as the convenor of the Mirzapur-Sonbhadra during the JP movement against the Emergency that lasted from June 1975 to March 1977. “I was sent to jail because we were opposing Emergency. We were protesting. We created awareness among people. How Emergency is dangerous and reflects dictatorial tendencies,” he said.
At around 24 when the Emergency was declared, Singh recalled the night of his arrest. “I was newly married and came back home after working all day. I was told the police had come. They told me there was a warrant. It was almost midnight and I was taken to jail. I was kept in solitary confinement.” Added more.
Recalling his days in prison, he said, “No books were provided, there was a brass pot in which dal (cooked dal) was served and chapati was handed to us. We were given some time. I was allowed to go outside the premises because… maybe I was in a good mood that’s why I was kept in jail for so many days (laughs) when I was being transferred from Mirzapur Jail to Nani Central Jail, the platform But many policemen were there. My mother was also there and was telling me. Whatever happens don’t apologise… (on hearing this) the policemen started crying.
Singh said that after a year, his mother asked about his release, to which his cousin told her that the emergency had been extended for another year. “After finding out she had a brain hemorrhage, she was in the hospital for 27 days and died, I couldn’t come, … I didn’t get released, I didn’t get parole, I shaved my head in prison, my last rites The brothers paid whom I couldn’t reach…and imagine they accuse us of dictatorship, they don’t look within themselves,” he added.
Singh revealed that he was granted parole for a short period after his mother’s death, but upon resuming his anti-Emergency activism, he was immediately returned to prison, despite the parole not being over.
during this, The opposition The parties have repeatedly accused the government of employing investigative agencies against them and have often asserted the existence of an “undeclared emergency” in the country.
In its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress has lamented the decline of India’s democracy, saying that every institution, including Parliament, is considered to have surrendered its independence and subordinated to the executive government.

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