‘Dialogue at home needs to change’: HC on skin colour bias | India News – Times of India

 'Dialogue at home needs to change': HC on skin colour bias | India News - Times of India

Raipur: The Chhattisgarh High Court She has said that society needs to “change the dialogue at home” to eradicate discrimination based on skin colour, and the fairness cream industry for portraying black women as less confident and insecure. Criticized.
Bench of Justice Gautam Bhadori And Justice Deepak Kumar Tiwari. was listening to a marital dispute when he observed.
The court took notice of the abuses done by the husband on his wife due to being black and demanded the society to change this mentality. The judges noted that “the husband cannot be encouraged by society to prefer light skin over dark”.
The court observed that black women were often portrayed as unsafe unless they used fairness creams, which in the court’s view required a change in the way such topics were discussed at home. Is.
In this case, the husband filed for divorce alleging separation from his wife. The wife countered claims of torture, physical assault during pregnancy, and emotional abuse related to her dark skin color. The court dismissed the husband’s appeal after reviewing the evidence presented by the parties.

The husband had accused his wife of cruelty and accused her of leaving him without any reason yet filed for maintenance. The wife said her husband tortured her, humiliated her and ostracized her based on her skin color.

After considering the case, the court found the wife’s allegations more compelling and dismissed the husband’s divorce petition.
gave High Court Emphasized that no individual should be given the freedom to leave his lawfully wedded spouse solely on the basis of skin color, and the importance of eliminating such prejudices from matrimonial decisions. Highlighted

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