Dell: We further modernised the Alienware and G-series gaming portfolios in the year 2023 – Times of India

Dell: We further modernised the Alienware and G-series gaming portfolios in the year 2023 - Times of India

The year 2023 has been an important year for him. PC market Marked by advances in technology, design, and accessibility, globally as well as in India. Personal Technology Major Deal Despite the decline in demand for personal computers (PCs) worldwide, the technologies witnessed a steady level of large-scale demand in India. During the third quarter of the year 2023, Dell held the No. 3 position with a market share of 14.6%.
Commenting on the company’s performance during the year, Rajkumar Rishi, Vice President and Managing Director, Consumer & Small Business, Dell Technologies, India said, “Using technology to advance human development has been our goal. , and we’ve been ahead of the curve in doing that.”
In the year 2023, PC brands launched sleek and stylish form factors with a focus on mobility. For its part, Dell revamped its Alienware and G Series gaming lines with improved design language and powerful upgrades. The focus has moved beyond gaming with the XPS and Inspiron laptops offering a variety of configurations. Over the past few years, gaming has transcended its niche status to become a mainstream phenomenon in India. The increasing availability of powerful hardware and a thriving national community have broken down gender barriers, making gaming a viable career path for many. It can also be said to be the result of technology’s ability to democratize and empower people from all walks of life.
“Offering a range of form factors, upgrades to the overall design language, and notable software updates, we’ve modernized the Alienware and G-Series gaming portfolios to meet the changing demands of creators and learners. To accomplish this, we launched a wider selection of devices under the XPS and Inspiron brands. Most importantly, we added two new gaming stores in Delhi and Kolkata and increased the number of Dell Exclusive stores across the country. Stepping up our efforts to create an omni-channel presence across the country to over 600. All our customers have a seamless shopping experience, we have also worked closely with our channel partners. As a result. , Dell has been awarded India’s Most Popular Brand for three years in a row,” added Rishi.
Exciting times await.
As we approach another year, 2024, the evolution of the PC market promises to be even more exciting, driven by advances in AI, virtual reality, and other advanced technologies. “As we enter the new year, our top priority will be to deliver great products and enable exceptional experiences for our customers. We look forward to the transformation of the PC industry through emerging technologies.” are also excited about the opportunity, and we will continue to look for ways. to bring value to all customers,” Rishi said.

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