Delhi high court asks Centre to consider representation for linking property with Aadhaar | India News – Times of India

 Delhi high court asks Centre to consider representation for linking property with Aadhaar | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court On Thursday, the Center was asked to consider as a representation the request to link the movable and immovable Property documents Citizens with their own Aadhaar number to prevent corruption, generation of black money, and ‘benami’ transactions. A bench of Justices Rajeev Shakdhar and Girish Kathapalaya said that they are. Policy decisions And the courts cannot ask the government to do so.
He said that the government will decide the representation within three months.
“How can the courts get into all of this? These are policy decisions, how can the courts ask them to do that. At first glance, I don’t understand that these are areas where we don’t have the full picture or the data. , what are the various aspects that may emerge… the best thing is for them to look at it as a representation and let them decide,” Justice Shakdar said.
The court was hearing a plea by a lawyer, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, who said it was the duty of the state to take appropriate measures to curb corruption and confiscate ‘benami’ properties accumulated through illegal means so that A strong message can be sent that the government is determined to fight. Corruption and generation of black money
The high court had earlier given time to the ministries of finance, law, housing and urban affairs and rural development to file their response to the petition.
“If the government links Property with Aadhaar, this will increase the annual growth by two percent. It will clean up the electoral process, which is dominated by black money and benami transactions and thrives on the cycle of big black investment… the use of political power to amass private wealth, all by citizens. With contempt.”
The petition claims that ‘benami’ transactions in high-value currency are used in illegal activities like terrorism, Naxalism, gambling, money laundering etc.
“This increases the prices of essential commodities as well as the prices of big assets like real estate and gold. These problems can be prevented to a great extent by linking immovable properties with the owner’s Aadhaar number,” he said. What more is claimed?
In an affidavit filed in the case in 2019, the Delhi government has said that Aadhaar is accepted as proof of identity for property registration and land transfer, but it is only an optional requirement and There is no provision in the law to make it mandatory.

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