Decoding the Secrets of Moles According to Vedic Astrology – Times of India

Decoding the Secrets of Moles According to Vedic Astrology - Times of India

Sesame There are small marks spread all over our body, which are the subject of attention and attention. But beyond aesthetics, in the subject of Vedic Astrology, they whisper, takes on a whole new meaning. the secret all about us destiny and personality. Moles indicate different meanings and are of great importance in Vedic astrology, which is the science of predicting the future based on the positions of celestial bodies. Heavenly body on various aspects of an individual’s life. Vedic astrology also believes that the location of the moles is associated with specific. Personality Traits While mole has important meaning and association in certain places.
Interpreting moles
The head

  • Forehead: A mole on you forehead Indicates your ability as a leader, quick thinking skills, and natural ability to attract wealth. But be aware of stubbornness and tendency to dominate others.
  • Eyebrows: Moles near your eyebrows, especially above the right side, suggest success in artistic abilities, insight and creative aspects. But also watch out for emotional sensitivity and vulnerability.
  • cheek: A mole on your cheek is considered lucky, promising good relationships, social ease, and a dynamic personality.


  • Nose: A mole on you noseTip, in particular, refers to attention, wit, and a magnetic personality. Be aware of the excitement and love for adventure that can come with it.
  • Lips: A mole near your lips indicates sexuality, communication skills, and a tendency to attract attention. Just remember, having this power comes with great responsibility, especially in flirting.
  • Chin: A mole on your chin shows determination, willpower and leadership qualities. You are likely to be ambitious and achieve great things, but don’t be too hard on yourself.


  • Neck: A mole on your neck indicates a passionate nature, artistic talents and a knack for attracting romantic attention. Keep that fiery spirit within you.
  • Chest: A mole on your chest indicates courage, confidence and a strong sense of self. You are a natural leader who can inspire others.
  • Stomach: A mole on your stomach is a sign of financial luck, wealth accumulation and a prosperous life. Just be careful not to get overly attached to material things.

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