Deaths of Indian students in US: 2 cases are under probe, MEA says | India News – Times of India

 Deaths of Indian students in US: 2 cases are under probe, MEA says | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Friday that the deaths of Indian students in the United States are “multiple” and that investigations into the two recent cases are ongoing, with Indian authorities taking up the matter with relevant authorities in the US. Justice.
MEA spokesperson while addressing the weekly press briefing, Randhir Jaiswalshed light on the tragic incidents that happened to students of Indian origin in America.
Jaiswal said, “The death of Indian students in the US has led to some very sad incidents. Two of them have died, while the investigation into the death of the two national students is ongoing. We have reached out to the consulate and They’ve expanded. All help possible. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the reasons.”
About 10 Indian students have died since the month of January, an MEA spokesperson said.
“About 10 Indian students have died since January, two of which were murder cases registered against a person who was a vagrant, the most unfortunate being Vivek Saini and his After that, a case came up where a person was shot”, said Jaiswal.
“These two cases are being investigated from a law and order point of view. We are putting a lot of emphasis. Our consulate and our mission in the US have strengthened the reach of the students, so that they can tell that they How to take care of yourself and… consulates and embassies can provide all the help,” he added.
Additionally, Jaiswal said, “Many deaths have occurred, not due to a single cause, they are multifactorial in nature.”
He further said that apart from law and order concerns, there are some community issues, “Apart from justice and law and order issues, there are many other issues that need to be considered… Some community issues There are also, there are cases of suicide and other mental illness related issues,” he said.
“That’s why we want to reach out to the student community and give them comfort,” he said, adding that they also have a large Indian student community in the US.
The Consulate General of India in New York confirmed that this comes after the tragic discovery of Mohammed Abdul Arafat, a Hyderabad resident who went missing in March and was later found dead in the US state of Ohio.

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