Death toll in China’s earthquake rises to 148 as focus shifts to reconstruction – Times of India

Death toll in China's earthquake rises to 148 as focus shifts to reconstruction - Times of India

Beijing: 6.2 severity death toll Earthquake The number of aftershocks in northwestern China rose to 148 earlier this week as local authorities focused on reconstruction and recovery after five days of intense relief and rescue operations amid bitter cold. An earthquake at a depth of 10 km occurred at midnight on December 18, the region’s worst in nine years.
Death toll among the worst affected Gansu The number of provinces in the neighboring country has increased to 117. Qinghai Province31 people died in the earthquake.
As of Friday, 781 people had been injured in the earthquake in Gansu, according to the provincial earthquake relief headquarters, state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.
A total of 311 temporary relocation sites have been set up for affected residents in Gansu, and 112,346 people have been relocated so far.
So far 499 people have been discharged from the hospital after treatment while 282 people are under treatment in the hospital.
17 of them are in critical condition and 69 are seriously injured.
Monday night’s earthquake was China’s deadliest since a 2014 earthquake in Yunnan province killed 617 people.
Local officials said that severe cold in the mountainous region hampered the rescue and relief operations.
After the rescue phase, organized rehabilitation and reconstruction began in Gansu Province.
Sufficient supplies were prepared to ensure a warm winter for the earthquake-affected people in the temporary relocation sites.
State-run CGTN-TV reported that the first batch of 500 temporary houses had been completed and delivered to residents of Mapo village in Jixishan County — the area hardest hit by Friday night’s earthquake. .
More than 5,000 mobile clapboard houses are expected to be built in the quake-hit area of ​​Jishan by December 27, ensuring locals have a warm summer.
In Dahe Village, the largest resettlement site in Jixishan County, express delivery service has been restored to meet residents’ needs for special materials, including partially hydrolyzed milk for newborns with protein allergies. Contains protein milk powder.
Supplies bound for rehabilitation sites will enter the green channel and be delivered as soon as possible.
Local primary, secondary and high schools in the county have decided to resume classes. Students of three high schools have started online classes from Tuesday.
Additionally, online classes for students in secondary schools and grades 4 to 6 in the county’s primary schools will begin next Monday, the report said.
According to the Provincial Earthquake Relief Headquarters, the number of evacuation centers has so far reached 311 and 112,346 people have been shifted to safer places.
As residents move from temporary tents to clapboard houses, life will gradually return to normal at the settlement sites, the report said.

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