COVID-19 Surge Advisory: Schools in Karnataka – KAMS | – Times of India

COVID-19 Surge Advisory: Schools in Karnataka - KAMS | - Times of India

Schools in Karnataka: Amid the rise in COVID-19 cases in the state, the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools (KAMS) of Karnataka on Tuesday issued an advisory for schools to follow. In the advisory, the association urged member schools to be vigilant and not admit students who are ill.
Schools are given specific guidelines for prevention, such as regularly checking temperatures, regularly sanitizing school areas, and requiring students to wear masks. The advisory highlights the importance of paying special attention to students with weakened immune systems or existing health problems.
If a student is sick, schools are required to take them to an isolation room and notify parents immediately.
As many schools and educational institutions in the state are heading towards the Christmas break, which will last until the first week of January, the advisory emphasizes the importance of caution. The advisory specifically urges schools to advise parents to be vigilant during the holidays and avoid crowded places. Additionally, schools have been instructed to take special precautions for students returning from out-of-town trips after vacation.
KAMS Secretary D Shashi Kumar has also stressed the need to increase vigilance during school visits. Schools are instructed to carry essential emergency medical supplies, such as portable oxygen kits.

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