Cops soft targets of liquor smugglers in ‘dry’ Bihar – Times of India

Cops soft targets of liquor smugglers in 'dry' Bihar - Times of India

Patna: A policeman was killed in an alleged riot in Bihar’s Begusarai district Alcohol mafia There is no separate case. In fact, police officers seem to have become soft targets. Wines Mafias in a state that imposed total prohibition in April 2016 seven years ago. The state has reported at least seven incidents in the past few months Smuggler Either killed the policemen or assaulted them.
But what has become a problem is the route. Liquor smugglers They have shown extreme brutality as evidenced by their actions of killing policemen by running cars over them, drowning them in rivers or pelting stones at trains blocked by the police force en route. .
A similar incident came to light from Muzaffarpur district in January this year when a constable was drowned in the Brohi Gandak river by alleged bootleggers. The victim policeman was out in search of two liquor smugglers when the accused dragged him into a boat, threw him into the river and watched him drown.
Another harrowing incident was reported from Darbhanga district in July 2021 when a police constable was run over by liquor smugglers on a Scorpio. Reports said that the policeman met a gruesome end when the speeding SVU dragged him for 200 meters under its wheels.
In February that year, a police sub-inspector was shot dead while another policeman was injured in a gun battle with the liquor mafia in Sitamarhi district.
A lot of police personnel were also injured in the liquor mafia attacks. Three such incidents were reported this year alone. In one incident, mobsters pelted stones on a train after railway police seized a liquor consignment allegedly being dispatched from Chhattisgarh earlier this month. The incident reportedly took place between Bara and Mokama stations, causing panic among commuters.
Last month, alleged smugglers chased and pelted policemen in Rohtas district, injuring three of them, while another such incident was reported from Jamui district in April, in which a policeman was injured.
State BJP spokesperson Manoj Sharma on Wednesday alleged that “a series of such incidents shows that Bihar has completely come under Jungle Raj Part 2 and ‘good governance’ which the NDA , has been replaced by bad governance.”
“During Jungle Raj Part-I, there was a complete lawlessness across the state as doctors, engineers and businessmen were soft targets for criminals. In the current situation, police personnel are under attack, and they have to go out of the state. want,” Sharma said, adding that the police’s trust has been broken as liquor smugglers are allegedly patronized by the powers that be.
Excise and Prohibition Minister Sunil Kumar said the department has launched a crackdown on the liquor mafia and arrested more than 6,000 people involved in smuggling liquor from outside the state.
“We have taken the current incident as a challenge and will ensure that such incidents do not recur in future,” the minister said. Stating that there could be some administrative lapses, the minister said he was reviewing the situation.

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