Congress warns of protests if the new terminal building of the Pune airport isn’t operational by January 1 | Pune News – Times of India

Congress warns of protests if the new terminal building of the Pune airport isn’t operational by January 1 | Pune News - Times of India

Pune: The city unit of the Congress party will be organized. protest If New terminal building of the Pune Airport Not inaugurated and will be operational by January 1 next year.
Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary Mohan Joshi on Wednesday said that despite three months of construction, the building is not being inaugurated as the Prime Minister’s Office is not confirming it. Opening date.
“Yesterday I traveled back to Pune from Hyderabad and the situation at the airport was very bad. Even though the plane reached Pune, it was hovering for half an hour as it had no parking space once it landed. We were very Talking to passengers from and they are complaining of chaos in the airport due to congestion and rush. I also called the director of the airport who said he is in Delhi and regarding the opening of the new building. Couldn’t confirm any date,” Joshi told TOI.
Passengers are often complaining about their difficulties at this time. Van faces collecting luggage and then a long wait at Aero Mall amid heavy rush to get a taxi. “Taking a taxi from Pune airport to the destination has become really painful. The narrow area of ​​the second floor at Aeromal can’t handle such passenger traffic. It took me 55 minutes to board a taxi recently. Also the internet connectivity in Aeromal is very poor which makes online booking difficult. I have not come across any airport in India where taxi services are inside a building and one has to walk for a long time. Jaydeep Malviya, who traveled to Pune last week, told TOI.
Joshi said that the form of the protest is being decided. We cannot protest at the airport as it is a defense area. We will finalize the strategy soon. The new building cannot be kept waiting for the Prime Minister to inaugurate while commuters face so many problems every day,” he pointed out.
While Dhok could not be contacted despite calls, airport sources said a visit by Civil Aviation Minister Jyotraditya Scindia is expected soon. “The building is ready and we are still waiting for updates from our headquarters, Ministry of Civil Aviation and PMO. We understand that the Minister of Civil Aviation will visit the airport soon for a final inspection of the building. will visit. Apart from that, we don’t have any more information,” the official said.
Earlier, airport officials told TOI that after the inauguration, it may take another 6 weeks for all infrastructure to shift and flight operations to begin. “This period will be the final phase of testing all infrastructure,” another official said.
“We have been told to mentally prepare ourselves to move to the new building from here but no date has been given,” said another official.
The new building has an annual capacity to handle 12 million passengers compared to 7.1 million in the existing terminal building. The new building has a passenger handling capacity of 1,400 passengers per hour compared to the existing 900 passengers per hour. It also has five aerobridges and five baggage belts.
Aero Mall officials said the rush was happening in the late evening between 11:30 pm and 1 am. “There are 13 arrivals during this time and all the flights are coming in full capacity. When the flight is delayed, the situation becomes overcrowded. We are trying our best to control the situation and more men and night. Administrators have been appointed. However, this does not happen every day,” said an official.

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