Congress nurtured Reds, we will uproot them: Chhattisgarh CM Sai | India News – Times of India

 Congress nurtured Reds, we will uproot them: Chhattisgarh CM Sai | India News - Times of India

Raipur: Maoist was “raised” during Congress But a BJP government will root out insurgency and usher in stability and development in the country. the bedChief Minister of Chhattisgarh Vishnu Dev Sai told TOI In an exclusive interview
“My government is unwavering in its resolve to fight the Maoists firmly. If they want to surrender, they are welcome. If they want to engage in dialogue, let them come forward. We will consider it,” Sai said.
About a week ago, he ordered security forces to intensify anti-Maoist operations, and since then gun battles have been a near-daily affair since the police stepped up operations.
“During the last five years of Congress rule, Naxalism was nurtured, and the Naxalites felt that the Congress was their government. During the last five years, the Maoists had a lot of breathing space, the previous BJP government. On the contrary, a large number of insurgents surrendered due to pressure from the security forces,” CM Sai said.

“We will not tolerate Maoist activities. We are a dual-engine government here now, and together with the Centre, we will fight hard against the Naxalites,” he said.
“Congress came to power in 2018 with a huge majority by making 36 promises in its manifesto. People chose Congress, but what did its government do? Congress got five years to perform but they made Chhattisgarh a crime. “There were many scams in sand, land, coal and forest under his rule, and many criminals are in jail today,” said Sai.
Every case and allegation of corruption against the Congress government will be thoroughly investigated. And among all the alleged scams, PSC will top the list as it relates to the lives, careers and emotions of the youth. “Strict action will be taken against violators,” he warned.
The Congress government had “loaded the existing government with debts”, the CM claimed, adding that “we will make new plans to boost the economy and also get help from the Centre”.
“Chhattisgarh is rich in minerals and its land is fertile. New ways to develop the economy will not be a problem. Our first priority right now is to stabilize and settle the state after so much turmoil left by the Congress government. Law and order has gone for a toss. We will definitely fulfill PM Modi’s assurances,” he asserted.
On the Hasdev forest logging controversy, the Chief Minister said: “Deforestation and coal mining in Hasdev started in 2012 when the Manmohan Singh-led Congress government was at the Centre. They gave all the permissions. “The current work is to extend these permissions. We will definitely come up with Hasdeo forest conservation plans, and the plantation work has already started.

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