Conflict zone: Air India and many foreign airlines now avoiding Iranian airspace | India News – Times of India

 Conflict zone: Air India and many foreign airlines now avoiding Iranian airspace | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Air India And many western airlines flying to India have started avoiding overflying. Iran Due to which there is a possibility of increasing tension in the region. US President Joe Biden He said he expected Iran to attack. Isra Yale “Sooner.” There are fears that Iran could retaliate after the recent attack on its consulate in Syria.
For example, Air India AI 161, which took off from Delhi at 4.30 am on Saturday, did not fly over Iran and took an alternate route to London. Instead of the usual India-Pakistan-Iran-Turkey-Black Sea route to Europe, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner took a northern route. Russia is still flying more thanks to AI, this option is available to the airline.
A day earlier, the same flight had overflown Iran.
LufthansaThe Mumbai-bound flight on Friday took the Greece-Mediterranean-Saudi Arabia-Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea route to Mumbai. Earlier this Black Sea used to go to Mumbai via Iran Pakistan.
Alternative routes have not significantly increased AI’s flying time since it has the option to fly over Russian airspace. Saturday’s Delhi-London flight will take around nine hours, the same time as earlier routes.
Increased. Geopolitical tensions What have I included? No fly zone for airlines. Commercial airlines have avoided Afghanistan since the Taliban took over the country. Russia’s war in Ukraine has made the two countries high-flying zones for most Western airlines. US ships have been avoiding Iran for some time. The disputed area is located on the main west-east route.

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