Compare India with democracies, not China: PM Modi | India News – Times of India

 Compare India with democracies, not China: PM Modi | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Amid repeated comparisons with China, PM Narendra Modi He said that India should be compared with others. Democracies And not with your neighbor, dismissing concerns of unemployment, corruption, Administrative constraints and the skill gap in the country.
“It is important to recognize that India would not have been able to achieve the status of the world’s fastest growing economy if the issues you have highlighted are there,” he told the Financial Times in an interview. “Often, these concerns stem from perceptions, and changing perceptions sometimes takes time,” he added.
Amid claims of a dire employment situation in the economy based on CMIE data, Modi contested the estimate and argued that official data in the Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS) showed that employment in India Creation is “increasingly rapid.”
Similarly, he points to the presence of Indian-origin CEOs of global companies to suggest that there is no skills gap in the country. Several Indian-origin executives such as Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Arvind Krishna have gone on to lead international companies such as Microsoft, Google and IBM, following in the footsteps of Indira Noi and Ajay Banga who headed Pepsi and MasterCard respectively. .
Modi said the government is “trying to create an environment where everyone sees value in investing in India and expanding their operations”, comments coming at a time when India is attracting investment. is seeking, promising easy rules and incentives through schemes like production. Related incentives to attract investors, who want to hedge their risks by diversifying their manufacturing bases away from China.
“We envision a system where anyone from around the world feels at home in India, where processes and standards are familiar and welcome. This is the kind of comprehensive, world-class system that we aspire to build.” keep,” said the PM.
On the opposition’s allegations that democracy is under threat in the country, the Prime Minister said, “Our critics are entitled to their opinion and they have freedom of expression. However, there is a fundamental problem with such allegations, which are often appears as criticism,” he said. These claims not only insult the intelligence of the Indian people but also diminish their deep commitment to values ​​like diversity and democracy, he added.
When asked what the future holds for India’s Muslim minority, Modi cited the economic success of India’s Parsis, who he described as “a religious micro-minority living in India”.
“Despite facing persecution elsewhere in the world, they have found a safe haven in India, living happily and prosperously,” Modi said in a response to the country’s nearly 200 million Muslims. No direct reference is made. He said that this shows that the Indian society itself does not have a sense of discrimination against any religious minority.

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