Cody Rhodes breaks silence and takes a playful swipe after winning award – Times of India

Cody Rhodes breaks silence and takes a playful swipe after winning award - Times of India

New Delhi: In the midst of a heated dispute with Shinsuke NakamuraWWE Superstar Cody Rhodes The Stamford-based promotion has finally broken its silence after a surprise announcement from outside. Rhodes, known as “American Nightmare,” is currently engaged in a bitter feud with Nakamura that reached new heights on last week’s episode. Ra.
The match between Rhodes and Nakamura came to a dramatic climax when, in a shocking turn of events, Nakamura inhaled a toxic poison mist, disqualifying him from the match. Anticipating how the rivalry will unfold.

The latest episode of RAW featured a retaliatory strike from Cody Rhodes, who took advantage of an opportune moment to exact revenge during Nakamura’s promo. The American Nightmare ambush added to the already intense feud, leaving the WWE Universe buzzing with anticipation for their next clash.

Breaking his silence after a major announcement, Cody Rhodes shares his thoughts on winning X (formerly known as Twitter). the boat of the club Top Babyface Award.
In a characteristic display of his wit, Rhodes jokingly attributed his win to an unconventional reason. “It’s only because I ordered all the popcorn I bet,” he quipped, injecting a playful tone in his acknowledgment of the honor.
The Wrestling Club’s Top Babyface Award is a testament to Rhodes’ popularity and connection with audiences. Known for his charisma and in-ring skills, Rhodes continues to be a dominant figure in the world of professional wrestling, with fans eagerly following his every move.

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