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Chennai Southwhich includes IT Corridor Called OMR, the commercial district of T Nagar and the cultural center of Mylapore, is a ‘rock star circle’. It is also a seat of prestige for the DMK, which has entered the fray sitting down. MP Thamizachi Thangapandian is up against BJP’s Tamilisai Sundararajan, who was the governor of Telangana and lieutenant governor of Puducherry. ADMK has renominated physician Jayawardhan, son of former minister DJ Kumar.
OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), also known as Rajiv Gandhi Salai, is home to more than 6,200 listed software companies, and a large majority of Tamil Nadu’s population of one million software engineers work on the road. Is and remains. Sholinganalur Assembly Constituency, one of the six constituencies that make up the Chennai South Parliamentary Constituency, is a melting pot of people from distinct ethnic, linguistic and geographical backgrounds – a diversity that makes it a mini-India in itself. .
Since 1957, when it came into existence, Chennai South has had 11 MPs, one of whom – TT Krishnamachari – served two terms as Union Finance Minister. After winning it and holding it for some time in 1967, CN Annadurai became the Chief Minister of TN. Another representative from here, R. Venkataraman, held the portfolios of finance and industry at the Center and later became the country’s president. Marasoli Maran, who made his way to the global trade talks in Doha as Union Commerce Minister, also represented the seat. Actor Vijayanthimala Bali held it twice, before TR Balu held it four times.

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A former professor, Thamizachi is seeking to become only the second MP to get a second term after serving a full term. In its 67-year history, only TR Balu holds the distinction: he served two full terms between 1996 and 2009. Such is the lure of Chennai South that Sundra Rajan has resigned from his governorship in two places – Telangana and the Union Territory of Puducherry – to seek election as an MP, even as the ADMK has fielded a The former minister’s son has been fielded.
Clearly, the pros and cons of family politics are never debated in this circle, as these three enjoy the family legacy and are not ashamed of it.
The Chennai floods, which virtually drowned OMR, remain a sore point for the sitting MP in his road shows.
The BJP has always favored this seat, perhaps because three Brahmin-dominated assembly constituencies – Mylapore, Triplicane and Tambaram – are among the total six in Chennai South. In 1998, Jana Krishnamurthy, a former BJP heavyweight, lost by a narrow margin of about 20,000 votes. He then made his way to the Rajya Sabha via Gujarat and became the Union Law Minister. This was the closest BJP ever came to winning the crown.
But Thamizachi enjoys strong support from the DMK, which still respects the party of her father, V Thangapandian, and her mentor, M Karunanidhi, for her selfless loyalty. “He has a doctorate, enjoys a clean image and has done quite well in Parliament,” says Thilap Raju, a voter who says he only supports a qualified candidate and has little party affiliation. cares less than
As a star constituency, Chennai South has some inexplicable social contradictions that reflect the deep political tradition in Tamil Nadu. Despite the strong Brahmin vote bank, none of the major parties fielded anyone from the community this time. Congress’ Vijayantimala Bali was the last Brahmin to be elected from here. That was 40 years ago – in 1984.
In fact, none of the 39 constituencies have a single Brahmin candidate in the list of any major political party in Tamil Nadu.
Despite its cosmopolitan demography, high literacy and highly informed electorate, Chennai South saw the poorest voter turnout in Tamil Nadu in 2019. The state average was around 72%, but this constituency saw only 57%.
“If a constituency like Chennai North sees such low turnout, it is understandable, as it is full of laborers and entrepreneurs who have come here from other cities and states,” says E. Panneerselvam, who in 2019 I had a slogan for a candidate lost in the end. “A high turnout could be in our favour. We tried, but to no avail,” he says.
The winner of Chennai South does not win just one seat. Along with the seat comes a lot of pride, legacy and honor.

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