Caught in the wrong place & time, 17-year-old shot dead in Gwalior | Bhopal News – Times of India

Caught in the wrong place & time, 17-year-old shot dead in Gwalior | Bhopal News - Times of India

BHOPAL: A 17-year-old boy, who worked as a rapido driver to fund his education, was shot dead in Gwalior on Friday evening just because he accompanied a friend. was responding to a challenge from another group of students.
the afflicted, the afflicted, Imran Khan, a Rapido rider, was returning home after completing a customer drop-off when he came across a group of youths including his acquaintances. Prince KhareAnoop and Golu. When did the tragic chain of events begin?go round The police received a call from a man, identified as Arvind, challenging him to confront them at intersection number six in Merar area of ​​Gwalior. Prince, Anoop and Imran reached the appointed place where they met. Arvind and five of his accomplices, police said.
Tension escalated and both sides clashed. Amid the chaos, Golu, Prince and Anup tried to flee the scene, but Imran was cornered and shot dead by Arvind and his accomplices, police said. The bullet hit him in the jaw and passed through his head, killing him on the spot. Eyewitnesses have told the police that they saw the assailants fleeing on two motorcycles after the firing.
Locals rushed Imran to Birla Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.
The victim was initially identified as Prince from a bag found at the scene. The police called the number on the bag and learned that Prince Khare was alive. Prince was brought in for police questioning, where he gave a detailed account of the incident.
Footage from nearby CCTV cameras showed that a group of about 10 to 12 boys were engaged in a heated argument at the intersection. Unfortunately, the nighttime footage made identification difficult. However, the presence of Shahzada and Imran was confirmed at the scene.
According to Marr police, Imran had no previous quarrel with anyone and he was unintentionally victimized in a quarrel with a friend. Dilip Kumar Rajak, an eyewitness, narrated the harrowing incident. He said that he saw six youths on two motorcycles attacking Imran and fleeing quickly. Kumar, who works at Union Minister Jyotraditya Scindia’s Delhi bungalow, helped Imran to the hospital but he did not survive. tnn

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