Caste census will hit national unity, RSS tells BJP, Shiv Sena MLAs | India News – Times of India

 Caste census will hit national unity, RSS tells BJP, Shiv Sena MLAs | India News - Times of India

Nagpur: RSS has disapproved of the stand taken by political parties, including the BJP, on holding a nationwide rally. Caste Census. He expressed his opposition during a meeting with the Maharashtra BJP. Shiv Sena MLAs who visited the Singh headquarters on Tuesday.
RSS Vidarbha Regional chief Shridhar Gadge told TOI that the caste census may benefit some people politically as it will provide data on the population composition of a particular caste, but it is actually a national unity. is harmful to
Home Minister Amit Shah had said that BJP does not oppose the idea of ​​caste-based census. CM Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis have also said that they are not against it. Gade said the MLAs were briefed on five points – social equality, caste-based census, Swadeshi, family values ​​and environmental issues.
On Shah’s statement, Gade said that political parties can have their stand on an issue, but the RSS wants to show its strong opposition to caste-based census. “RSS is promoting social equality. There are differences in the name of caste in our country. If caste is the root of inequality in society, then RSS believes that it should be done by caste-based census. Such acts should not be aggravated.” said.
Acknowledging that caste-based discrimination has existed for centuries and will take time to eradicate completely, Gade said the caste census would deepen the rift.
On the issue of political tension arising from the demand for Maratha reservation, he said that it is a regional issue. He said that reservation and caste-based discrimination were different issues, adding that reservation was introduced for social development. Therefore, reservation will continue until full social development is achieved because all communities are not yet developed.
RSS claims that it is for unity of Indians and abolition of caste. However, given that a large section of the population has been victimized by caste-based discrimination in the past, he has said that he understands the need for quotas as long as those communities, which are themselves suffered that the injustices have been rectified.
A caste census can only be done by the centre. However, states can and do conduct their own caste-based head counts as surveys. The BJP was part of the all-party resolution in Bihar that approved the caste survey. The Nitish Kumar government had announced the results of the survey earlier this year.
CM Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis were not present in Tuesday’s talks. Ajit Pawar Group of Legislators NCP did not participate. Four Shiv Sena MLAs were part of the incoming group.
NCP (Ajit Pawar Group) leader and state minister Chhagan Bhujbal said that the idea of ​​RSS is utopian and not practically possible. “When people want legal remedies or reservations, courts ask for population data. How is this possible without a caste census?” he asked. RSS workers inform the state MLAs about the Singh’s stand on various socio-political issues during the winter session of the state legislature in Nagpur every year.

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