Cases of mumps hit new high in city after 4 years | Chandigarh News – Times of India

Cases of mumps hit new high in city after 4 years | Chandigarh News - Times of India

Chandigarh: After four The year 106 cases of mumps have been reported in the city. Elderly And Children this year. Since 2019, no more than two cases have been reported in a year.
The increase in cases has been alarming. Pediatricians And General Doctors who are receiving an average of six cases of mumps per day. Cases have increased significantly in the last two months.
gave Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) will address this concern in January next year. An RTI was filed by IAP Chandigarh executive board member Dr. Gaurav Gupta. In response to this, d UT Department of Health He said that 106 cases have been reported in the city this year which is the highest in the last five years. “The main concern is that this disease can lead to deafness, pancreatitis, meningoencephalitis (a fatal disease of both meningitis and encephalitis at the same time) and inflammation of the brain. In adults, it is more dangerous. Because it can lead to infertility in women,” said Dr. Gupta. He will raise this as a concern at the IAP meeting to be held next year.
GOI is following the WHO strategy to eliminate two diseases – Measles and Rubella (MR). For various reasons, GOI recommends MR vaccine in its routine immunization and not MMR. Therefore, the government-recommended vaccine protects against mumps. However, the IAP has been using MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) in its recommendation since the beginning, but only a fraction of people are getting the vaccine, which costs around Rs 500 per dose. comes
“This has created confusion among the public who do not know the difference between MMR and MR. What is the point of asking them to get MR and MMR separately?” Dr Anil Kumar, a city-based paediatrician, said.
Over the past few months, many cases of mumps have been reported not only in Chandigarh, but across the country. “MMR should be a part of the national immunization program in place of MR. But a cost-effectiveness analysis should be done before the Center advocates it. Currently, the government plans to introduce typhoid and HPV vaccines next year. is underway. So, MMR is not a priority in the current scenario,” said a paediatrician at the PGI.

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