Bring NSA office under Parliament purview: Akali MP – Times of India

Bring NSA office under Parliament purview: Akali MP - Times of India

New Delhi: Member of Lok Sabha Simran Jeet Singh Mann on Wednesday demanded that the office National Security Adviser (NSA) to be brought under its ambit. Parliament.
Participating in the debate on three Criminal/Evidence Bills, Mann, a Member of Parliament Shiromani Akali Dil(Amritsar) said the proposed legislation does not include the NSA, RAW chief and IB director. “They are not accountable to Parliament and their secret service funds are not audited,” he said.
Arguing that if the NSA is not brought under the purview of Parliament, all NSA actions fall on the Prime Minister, he said, “The Prime Minister and the National Security Adviser and those intelligence agencies There is no buffer in between, which is why I say these intelligence agencies and the NSA should be brought under the purview of Parliament.
Mann, known for his pro-Khalistan views, mentioned the killing of a Khalistani terrorist. Hardeep Singh Nijar in Canada. However, several members of the Treasury Benches objected and demanded that Mann’s remarks be excluded. Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Kumar Mishra intervened and said that the Canadian government could not produce any evidence for Najjar’s murder and there was no reason to raise the issue in the House.

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