Boman Irani opens up on his struggle; says, ‘there is rejection even today’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Boman Irani opens up on his struggle; says, 'there is rejection even today' | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Experienced star Boman Irani.Known for his films like ‘Munabhai MBBS’ and ‘3 Idiots’, even after becoming a successful actor recently, spoke about his struggles at every step of life.
In the latest podcast for Jist, BowmanIrani revealed that he had no house in his name till the age of 47. He added that there was a time when his building had to be repaired because he could see the sky from his bed. Cruel, childhood can be cruel. Some people get it easily. Butsuccess It’s delicious when it’s hard. Bowman also recounted his days as a mid-level shopkeeper and always smelled of ghee.
The actor said that he is still fighting for his art, his craft. He added that he was facing rejections from door to door as he wanted to do something unique. So, it makes sense rejected He also expressed that today he has a certain stature, but that does not mean that people will say to him, ‘You write anything, we will make it.’ Even today there is denial.
Narrating his experience of being a middle-class shopkeeper, the actor recalled that he had been a shopkeeper for 14 years and used to smell ghee and potatoes. It made him feel awkward. He also revealed that his wife used to tell him to wear it as a badge of honour, saying, ‘If your body smells like ghee, it’s okay’.

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