Boeing faces fresh safety scrutiny amid whistleblower claims – Times of India

Boeing faces fresh safety scrutiny amid whistleblower claims - Times of India

New Delhi: US Federal Aviation Administration (The FAA) is currently looking into allegations made by a Boeing A whistleblower about safety and quality problems in the production of the company’s 787 and 777 jets, according to an agency spokesman on Tuesday.
The investigation comes amid a safety crisis that has tarnished Boeing’s reputation since the January 5 midair panel incident on the 737 MAX plane. In delivery in March.
Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour has raised concerns about the integrity of the widebody 787 and 777 jets, claiming he has faced backlash such as threats and being kicked out of meetings after pointing out engineering problems. Salehpour’s attorneys said Boeing allegedly took shortcuts during the 787 assembly process, compromising the planes’ structural integrity.
That led to the suspension of deliveries of the 787 widebody jet until August 2022 for more than a year, while the FAA investigated quality issues and manufacturing defects.
Boeing acknowledged in 2021 that some 787 airplanes had faulty shims and parts that did not meet skin smoothness standards. However, the company maintained confidence in the 787 Dreamliner, saying Salehpour’s claims “are false and do not represent the comprehensive work Boeing has done to ensure the quality and long-term safety of the aircraft.”
Salehpour highlighted instances where Boeing sped up the assembly process, resulting in excessive stress on critical aircraft joints and the presence of drilling debris in more than 1,000 aircraft.
Additionally, Salehpour identified misalignment problems in the production of the 777 wide-body jet, which were allegedly corrected by forced methods, including people physically adjusting the plane’s components. .
Boeing shares fell about 2 percent on Tuesday after the FAA confirmed the investigation.

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