BJP meet: Party eyes big boost in vote share for winning with ‘unprecedented majority’ in 2024 – Times of India

BJP meet: Party eyes big boost in vote share for winning with 'unprecedented majority' in 2024 - Times of India

New Delhi: The BJP has set its sights on securing an “unprecedented majority” in 2024. Lok Sabha ElectionsPrime Minister Narendra Modi has asked key organizational leaders to work to increase the party’s vote share by 10 percent, sources said.
Home Minister addressing BJP national office-bearers and state presidents on the concluding day of the two-day brainstorming session on Saturday Amit Shah Sources said the opposition should be “surprised” by the BJP’s performance.
“We have to reach every home with our ideology and the historical work of BJP governments and make Modi ji the Prime Minister again in 2024 with an unprecedented majority,” Shah said later in his address at the meeting on X. posted
With plans to fight a one-on-one battle against the opposition India Bloc BJP, Modi has pushed for a 10 percent increase in the BJP’s vote share in the 2019 elections from its showing when the ruling party polled more than 37 percent. were obtained. Votes while the National Democratic Alliance led by him got about 45 percent of the votes.
Since coming to power at the Center in 2014, the BJP has consistently tried to increase its vote share to 50 percent in state assembly elections and has achieved this feat in several elections.
Shah said that the landslide victory of the BJP in the recent assembly elections under the charismatic leadership of Modi shows that people of every group and every region have faith in the prime minister alone.
Sources said Modi also asked party leaders to reach out to voters for the first time and advised them to focus on spreading the word about the government’s positive work instead of getting involved in issues with opposition parties in their “negative” campaign. give
The consecration ceremony at the Ram temple was one of the highlights of the two-day debate as the party believes it will be a major issue in its favor in the polls.
Opposition parties have put up many hurdles in resolving the issue, which has been mired in legal disputes for decades, and people should be told about it, senior party leaders noted during the meeting.
Sources said that like Modi a day earlier, Shah also highlighted the importance of the organization in the polls and said it should achieve such a “resounding” victory that the opposition would think twice before challenging it, sources said.
The prime minister stressed the need to reach out to women, youth, farmers and the poor – whom he often described as the four biggest “castes”.
He asked the party leaders to involve as many of these people as possible in the ongoing ‘Vakshat Bharat Sankalp Yatra’, aimed at fulfilling his government’s flagship welfare schemes.
Sources said top party officials did not set any specific seat target but insisted on ensuring a win that should be bigger than its 2019 performance when the BJP won 303 out of 543. Lok Sabha Seats
He accused the opposition of resorting to lies and spreading fake narratives but expressed confidence that people would give Modi a third consecutive term at the Centre.
Top party leaders in their speeches asked BJP officials to strengthen their booth committees everywhere to ensure that its local cadres reach out to as many people as possible.
The BJP’s landslide victory in the recent assembly elections was hailed at the meeting, where party unit presidents from the three Indian union states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh spoke on the victory.
Modi’s leadership, the appeal of his government’s welfare schemes and the strength of its organizational machinery were cited as major reasons for the victory.
Various ‘fronts’ of the party talked about their upcoming programs ahead of the general elections.

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